Tigran Hayrapetyan

Born in 1977, Tigran studied graphic design at Yerevan State Institute of Fine Arts (today-Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts), which he graduated in 1999. At the same time he was engaged in photography which madehim his first profit when he was still 14.

Today Tigran can’t imagine his life without photography. For him it’s far more than merely a way of earning his living. It’s a mode of life,a mode of thinking… It’s a way to relax and to entertain… It’s a way to feel free…

Originally a self-taught photographer Tigran has turned his knowledge of photography up to a professional level due to his diligence and curiosity. Patient and scrupulous,he seeks perfection in everything, never rests on his achievements and neverstops trying the new.

Photography is a unique link between the past, the presentand the future; an attempt to stop for a while the time that is inevitablyflowing on. Fussy as it is, our life consists in hurrying, rushing, postponing…In this endless chase we never have time to appreciate the moment; we hardlyever recognize that it'll never recur… the spring will not be so green again,the child will never do his first steps again, next year the dad will not belooking at his garden in the same way… Stop and look around! The life is so amazingand wonderful. Through his works Tigran teaches us to see and appreciate thebeautiful, the unique, the LIFE.

Tigran Hayrapetyan -5minute of Art 
by Armenian Public TV

Short film about me and my photography fօr "5 minute of Art" short movie series by the Armenian Public TV

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